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B2BR-BOOK-2T“These are the steps we took…”

Back to Basics is for all addictive and compulsive behaviors.

Back to Basics (B2B) is based on an original A.A. format from the mid 1940’s whereby “newcomers” TAKE all Twelve Steps in four one-hour sessions. This format produced a 50-75% recovery rate in the 1940’s and 1950’s. We are seeing similar results today for those who are willing to stay involved for 90-180 days. Involvement includes taking the Steps, “sponsoring” others through the Steps, and if possible, leading the meetings.

Back to Basics provides a safe, structured environment in which “newcomers” learn the fundamentals of the Twelve-Step process, participate in their own recovery, and learn the value of being of service to others. At their first Back to Basics meeting, “newcomers” are assigned “sponsors” or sharing partners who assist them through the Steps. No one attends the B2B meetings alone.

Pre-registration for B2B 4 week course is REQUIRED.
Contact us at 228-731-4815 to pre-register.